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900 01 Modra



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Your route to hameln rds a.s. in Modra

Your journey to Modra

From the airport in Vienna you follow the signs to Bratislava Centrum. After you have crossed the border you take the motorway in direction to Žilina, Nitra, Senec. You exit the motorway at Senec. Turn left at the first junction, with direction to Pezinok. You come through the village of Viničné and reach Pezinok. At the junction in Pezinok turn right and follow the sign to Modra. You come to a roundabout where you keep going straight. Follow the road and pass trough the village of Vinosady. Keep on following the road until you reach Modra.


In Modra keep going straight until you come to the town centre. At the junction where the church stands, you turn left to Harmónia, Králová. Keep on following the road straight ahead, up the hill.


Finally, you will see a big, blue and white building on the right side of the road, at the outskirts of Modra – hameln rds a.s. Modra.